What is Glimpz ?

Glimpz is a 2D pixel art platformer where you play a grieving soul looking for its reincarnation. You will have to go through the temple of Tezcatlipoca, the aztec God of Night, to earn your reincarnation by offering all you can to that demanding god.


Glipz is the first game I worked on as a student. For that game, our team was small, composed by 2 game designers and 2 game artists. We wanted to make a game that make you feel small, with gigantic environments and a good part left to exploration.

My work on Glimpz

Game design wise, I mainly worked on the jump of our character and the narrative part of the game.

When it comes to programming, I worked on the physics system, the jump, the camera, the controller in general, the collectibles, the switch between worlds, and the dynamic environment.

Experience feedback

We were a small team, therefore i was able to work on  many subjects , from design to programming. Even if we were working from home, this project is one of those where it was really fulfilling.

Working from home was the hard part. It lead to communication issues that have slowed the workflow. However, we were autonomous and we had a clear vision of what we wanted for our game to be from the beginning, so we were able to work consistently and efficiently during this project.

Switch between the Death World and the Living World to Find your way through the temple !

Basic platformer mechanics to make the game better !

We introduced in our game the « ghost jump« , which allow to jump from a platform you just left, as well as the « buffered jump », which allows the player to press the jump input a little earlier than their landing to jump right after they land on the ground. For those two « gamefeel » mechanics, I was the one in charge of implementing them.

Jump your way to the top !


Game Design

Alexandre DASPE

Game Programming

Alexandre DASPE

Sound Design