What is NailZ ?

NailZ is an arcade survival game were you play a carpenter trapped in a building with zombies coming for you through 6 doors. Your goal is to survive the longest possible by throwing planks to the doors and nailing them to delay the zombie spawning.

My work on NailZ

I was the most experienced programmer in the team, so i worked on almost every part of the game when it comes to code. I worked on the character controller, the shooting mechanic, the doors, the planks blocking the doors, the nails to nail the planks to the doors, the zombie spawning and a pseudo-random wall generator.

Experience Feedback

This experience was a real challenge for me. I had a lot to do on a workspace i’ve never worked on before in a short amount of time. I had almost never used Unity neither the C#, even if C# is an object oriented programming langage like some of those i used in the past, like Java. All those circumstances left me no choice but to adapt, learn, test, fail, test again, then finally having a working solution for our gameplay.


NailZ was designed and developped during the Global Game Jam 2020. We had 48 hours to make it go from a simple idea to a playable game.

We were 6 students in first year of game design studies and we had a very little experience with developping games and especially with Unity. Therefore we were, and still are, proud of our first game.


Game Design


Alexandre DASPE



Game Programming


Alexandre DASPE

Game Art


Sound Design