Olympus Rush

What is Olympus Rush ?

Olympus Rush is a 2D pixel art Rogue lite where you play a warrior going through corporatist tower, defeating each foe using your plasma sword. Our main intention was to make a frenetic game, always challenging the players to do their best.


This game is the 2nd I worked on during my game design studies. We were 4 game designers and 3 game artists working on it from september 2020 to january 2021. Among the game designers, we were 2 really involved in the technical part, which allowed me to work on a lot of features development and a lot of debugging.

My work on Olympus Rush

I participated in the major design decisions on that game, such as the combat system, the enemies designs, the rewards, the achievement system, the Rogue-lite aspect of the game.

Programming wise, I mainly worked on the combat system, the achievement system, the boss and a lot of debugging.

Experience Feedback

In hindsight, I think we wanted to do too much with this game. There are design issues, balancing issues, some bugs blocking side features and all those things could have been avoided if we either had more time, had reduced the scope. This experience taught me to anticipate our production to avoid complications we can’t fix later and we have to turn around during all the development.

Get in there, and fight for your life ! (And the loot)

Fight to unlock achievements, to fight with different passives ! (Yeah, fighting is the core gameplay)

Grow your frenzy and release it in a massive strike !

Want more money ? get a larger crate !


Game Design


Alexandre DASPE


Game Programming


Alexandre DASPE


Game Art

Matthieu MICHON

Sound Design