Spirit Path

What is Spirit Path ?

Spirit Path is a 2D action aventure game where you play a little girl  lost in a haunted forest. All the game relies on the duality between this little girl and the benevolent spirit following her in that dangerous forest.


This game is the third I worked on during my studies. We were 4 game designers and 4 game artists from February 2021 to June 2021

My work on Spirit Path

In the early stages of development, I worked on the design on several features with the other game designers, such as the combat system, the puzzles, the controller, the enemies, the interaction system, the health system, and the global narrative part.

When the time came for coding, I worked on the controller, the interaction system, the Health system, the UI and the menus.

Experience Feedback

On this project, I worked on what I want to work as a professionnal: Gameplay Programming. I iterated a lot on our systems and I realised that a clear and complete game design document, like we had on this project, was a huge time-saver.

Interact with the world to solve puzzles

This forest hosts horrific beasts. Fight them… Or flee them !

Use Iden to help Ryn making her way through the forest !


Game Design


Alexandre DASPE


Game Programming

Alexandre DASPE


Sound Design